That house in the middle of nature, where there is no stress and time seems to stand still, EXISTS. It is called Villa Matilde and it is for sale.

But first of all, let's put ourselves in the picture.

It is March 2015.

We are in spring, in full bloom, and our friend Sally has just arrived at Villa Matilde.

She has just got out of the car after a long journey from England and just as she opens the car door, she feels it.

She feels the peace.

The silence.


As if the trees are talking to her. Or as if the birds were welcoming her.

She feels happy. Fulfilled. Stress-free.

And she hasn't even been in Villa Matilde for 10 seconds.

Suddenly she sees us and greets us with a hug.

-It's been a long time since we've seen each other. - We say.

-I know, I couldn’t get away from London any sooner. - She answers with a smile.

We get to talk. And after Sally has told us about the ups and downs of her work and life, she exclaims:

"I wish I could buy Villa Matilde... Too bad I don't have the money"

At that time, Villa Matilde was a rural house (it is still a rural house today), but the difference between then and today is that Villa Matilde is now for sale.

That's right: for sale.

Before we get to that part, though, let us tell you a little about us, the people behind this house and who have lived here for many years.

It will all make sense in a moment.

Let us introduce ourselves:

We are Mercedes and Roland, and together with our daughters Aisa and Mila, we have worked and lived in Villa Matilde for more than 20 years.

We made it a rural house and today we can assure you that we know every corner of the mountain range where it is settled:

The Sierra de Andújar, in Jaén. 

After so many years of work, it is time to move on. Our daughters no longer live here and for us it is time to retire.

That's why this beautiful house called Villa Matilde is for sale.

And although we rave about the place and Sally is 100% accurate in her descriptions of the surroundings, it's impossible to imagine the place if you've never been here.

We don't know if it's the minerals in the mountains that create a special energy, or if it's the more than 250 species of flora and 180 species of mammals and birds that live in these places (here you can see a list of some of the species in the mountains. It's incredible!).

We don't know for sure what it is, really. But...

This place has changed lives

And it's not just the perfect place to take a break, or to unwind.

It goes further than that.

People return year after year to Villa Matilde, and for many the environment in which it is located has become a kind of sacred place.

In fact, everyone who has come here tells us so:

"There is a peace, a tranquillity."
"I've never slept so well."
"I forget everything. All the worries."
"I feel part of nature itself."

It is as if they have all experienced a before and after.

Just the mere fact of opening the door of Villa Matilde in the morning, leads you directly in the middle of the sound of birds. And that everything around you is in bloom, is something you will never forget.

Can you imagine it?

It is quite an experience.

An experience of such magnitude that you can only understand if you have come here.

Do you want to know what Villa Matilde is like?

Let's talk a little more about Villa Matilde.

Villa Matilde is a beautiful country house built in 1926 and has the space to accommodate a whole royal family.


To give you an idea, this is all it has:


  • 355 square metres of house.
  • 11 bedrooms.
  • 7 bathrooms.
  • 2 living rooms with fireplace (one of 44 m² and the other of 25 m²).
  • 1 kitchen of 10 m².
  • 1 pantry.
  • 2 storage rooms.
  • 1 wine cellar.


  • 7 acres of land in the mountains of Andújar (Jaén, Spain). Here you can see the exact location in Google Maps.
  • A large swimming pool of 6 x 9 metres.
  • 2 terraces of 600 m².
  • An activity space of 100 m², with a kitchen and a bathroom.
  • 1 laundry room.
  • 2 washbasins outside the house.
  • 2 showers outside the house.
  • 2 toilets outside the house.
  • 1 garage of 37 m².
  • 1 tool room of 6 m².
  • 2 chicken coops.
  • 1 stable of 11 m².
  • 2 fenced animal areas.
  • 1 stone oven.
  • 1 vegetable garden of 600 m² with a drip irrigation system.
  • Tons (many tons) of fresh air and tranquillity.
  • And a starry sky at night that will leave you in awe (the house is within the Sierra Morena Starlight reserve)

Here is some more interesting, technical information that may be of interest to you:

  • The house has 4 entrances, 2 of which are main entrances with covered porches of 6 m² each.
  • There is a telephone line in the house and a Wifi network via a mobile phone router.
  • The electricity supply comes from a mains transformer located on the land.
  • Drinking and irrigation water comes from two wells located on the plot. There are two water tanks: a water tower and an underground water tank. Together they have a capacity of 15,000 litres per day.
  • The water is delivered to the house by a water pump that makes its way from the water tanks.
  • The hot water is heated by a gas heater.
  • All the rooms in the part belonging to the business have electric radiators.
  • Most of the bathrooms have shower trays with glass partitions and one of the showers is equipped for people with reduced mobility.
  • The windows in the house are double glazed and the window frames are good sound and heat insulators.

Extras included in the sale

But wait.

There's more.

We know perfectly well that buying and selling a house (however beautiful and peaceful it may be), can be stressful and complicated.

Who likes bureaucracy, moving and relocating?

That's why:

The sale price incorporates...

  • The current contents of the Bed and Breakfast. That is, furniture and lamps, beds, bed linen, a washing machine, a fully equipped semi-professional kitchen, cooking utensils, eating utensils, etc. So you don't have to worry about carrying all your stuff, or buying furniture from scratch.
  • We help you with all the purchase paperwork (very important if you are not from Spain. Because believe us, the bureaucracy in Spain is anything but easy).
  • In case you want to set up a business in Villa Matilde, or continue with the existing one, we will give you the contacts, the business opening permit, the inscription in the Andalusian Tourism Register, the domain of the website and we give you a totally free rapid course on how everything works here.

What is the price of Villa Matilde?

550,000 EUR


What will happen if you contact us?


Very easy and simple:

  • If you contact us, we will pass you all the detailed information about the whole property.
  • We will answer all questions you may have.
  • We will arrange a date for the visit (this will be in advance if you do not live nearby).
  • You will come to visit Villa Matilde (and possibly fall in love with the place. Don't rule it out).
  • If so, and if both parties are in agreement, the sale is closed and the paperwork is processed.

But first of all, an important warning...

Villa Matilde is in a remote location.

This means that it is in the middle of the Sierra de Andújar and that it is not very touristic.

This is important because if you are looking for something like the Costa del Sol or something that is close to a beach where there are 300 people with towels per square metre, this is not the place for you.

We are looking for buyers who love nature and want to take a break. To have a place to disconnect and be themselves. Or even people who want to continue with the Villa Matilde business. The opportunities are endless with all the space there is.

If you fit the above, only then ask for information.

+34 618329980

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